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Congratulations to all new and returning students who have been chosen to wear the green and grey of the Centennial COLTS. We want to welcome you as a student-athlete to another season of varsity athletics. It is our hope that you are excited to carry on our “Tradition in Excellence” in college athletics and embody the spirit of being an example of a great ambassador for Centennial College.

The Centennial Athletics and Recreation Department establishes its policies and procedures for its student-athletes based on the following priorities.

  1. Personal health and safety. Emergencies athlete health & safety as well as family emergencies take precedent
  2. Academic success
  3. COLTS Athletic success
 It is an earned privilege and an honor to participate and represent Centennial College in intercollegiate athletic competition as a student-athlete. With involvement, however, comes the responsibility to exemplify the basic convictions that are necessary to maintain a first class athletic program. To this end we have established standards and policies to aid you in continuing to uphold the tradition of excellence that you have inherited from those who have gone before you.
This handbook is designed to give you some fundamental information about the policies and procedures under which our athletic program operates.

Please keep this manual and the handbook available for future reference. You will also find the handbook document online available for easy access with a dowwnload link below.

We wish all student-athletes every success in the upcoming season. Please remember that our doors are always open.  We welcome any questions or concerns, as well as always invite you to share any ideas you may have to help us all strengthen our wonderful program.

We hope you have a fantastic season – Let’s Go Colts!